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Priscilla T Graham

Preserving the Past to Protect the Future...

My love, my passion is storytelling through the lens of the camera capturing timeless moments of life.  Photography soothes my soul and gives me a voice to express my spirit of love for God's Beauty through a single photograph.  I believe that nothing truly captures a moment in time like a photograph..."


My passion is documentary photography because I believe that history is lived through its people; additionally, it is made through the significant cultures, structures, places, spaces, buildings, organizations, or things that make up a particular time and era.


I fell in love with photography in 1995 when I discovered the power and impact of a single photograph. Photographs tell a story and reveal truths that cannot be reproduced or duplicated in any other form.  A photograph simply captures a single moment in time and makes it stands still for eternity.  I believe photography can inform, educate, inspire, and help people develop pride and a love for learning when they acquire knowledge about historical people who look like them, places, and structures in their communities.  To truly become the person one is designed to be, one must know the history of the past and embrace it to move forward and prosper in the future.

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